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Audio Atrocities™ : Deep Fear · SEGA · Saturn · 1998
Put a base in the ocean, engineer an alien crash into said base, and put salvation in the hands of a reluctant hero, a gay sub designer, and assorted inept acquaintances and you would have Deep Fear, SEGA’s shot at taking the Brass Ring from Resident Evil. The game is a pretty good Resident Evil knockoff, but it destroys Resident Evil in the terrible writing and acting departments. It boggles the mind that Gamespot said the acting was BETTER than Resident Evil, when it is clearly, painfully, obviously worse than Resident Evil in countless ways.

The gay character, Dubois, sounds more like Dame Edna than anything else, and loses his flame after the initial burst of gayness in most scenes. The rest of the cast delivers generally stilted performances, and some of them have the added bonus of absolutely ridiculous lines. And finally, there's terrible sub-radio-serial level sound effects. Think of a way for audio to be Atrocious, and this game will most-likely meet the criteria. It simply has to be heard to be believed.

This featured game is an exception in that most of the samples are entire scenes. They're so terrible that chopping them up didn't do the Atrociousness justice. Most of the takes feature terrible writing, acting, directing, stumbles, slurs, mumbles, miscues...so many problems I almost made a commentary for each sample. There's lots to enjoy here, so dig right in...

Exhibit A: A monster? What are you talking about? Anyway...
The commander was just informed that humans transformed into terrible monsters and it didn't even slow him down. He dismisses it with a chuckle and changes the subject. There's a smorgasbord of stumbles in this take as well. Atrocious, yet absolutely delicious.

Exhibit B: It's haaahhling at the top of its lungs.
The dialogue here isn't especially terrible, but this is a great showpiece take for the First Mate of Console Gayness, Dubois. Listen casually and you can hear his character slip about .825 seconds into his performance.

Exhibit C: When you get back...would you have an ice cream with me?
If you're dying/seriously injured and are going to spout a ridiculous line, why not go all-out Pollyanna and request steak and ice-cream?

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“When you get back...would you have an ice cream with me?”
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