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Audio Atrocities™ : DragonSlayer:The Legend of Heroes NEC Turbografx 1992
There's not much to say about this money grab of a game by Falcom. It's badly acted, the gameplay's derivative and unspired, graphics are ho-hum, music is forgettable, and there's not even any of the Ys or Popful Mail style excellent animation scenes. The only reason anyone bought this when it came out was that there were slim pickins in gamesville for the Turbografx CD when this was released. Well, honestly, it was non-stop slim pickins for practically the whole Turbografx CD's life.

There's not a ton of speech in the US version of this game, but what IS there is badly acted and technically very poor. Dialogue was recorded or mixed out of phase (or something similar) and it gave most of the speaking a "tin can" effect that nicely distracts from the monotone delivery of a terrible script. In short, this game experience is better left to professionals that can handle such atrocities and come out alive.

Exhibit A: Maaankind has always been the poisonnnn...
The degree of overacting here is way past bad and into some kind of weird bizarro-universe impression of Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror.

Exhibit B: I can't shake the feeling that nausea was Nature's last defense against man.
I can't shake the feeling of nausea cascading over me when listening to this crappy audio. Of course, he's not really saying nausea, but knowing that doesn't make the line seem any better written or acted. It still is stupid and dumb. Oh, and nauseating.

Exhibit C: ...I hate to admit it, but I think our streetwise friend has singled out an ideal solution.
Well, a truly ideal solution wouldn't involve listening to this craptastic delivery, but here we are.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“Maaankind has always been the poisonnnn...”
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