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Audio Atrocities™ : Evil Zone Titus Playstation 1999
Evil Zone is a fighting game originally made in Japan by Yuke's before they hit the big time with their WWF/WWE titles for THQ, and games like Rumble Roses for Konami. Dubbing on this game is awful across the board, and the sound engineering is terrible as well, with voice segments literally clipped for long stretches.

Of course, terrible audio engineering would be distressing if the audio was really any good to begin with, so fortunately the acting here is bottom of the barrel. The funniest thing is if you suffer through the game multiple times and unlock eveything, you get a VERY embarrassing and LONG Japanese-style voice-actor segment in English played over a "Congratulations!" pic. It's like a parting poke in the eye...or ear.

Exhibit A: She is female, 23 years old...baaaad...
Pretty typical terrible character bio translation made unintentionally hilarious by the delivery of the narrator, which is priceless. Another example of the crappy translation is the name of the bad chick. In the book, she's romanized "Ihadurca", but in the narration, it's pronounced as if its "Ihadulca". Those nutty Japanese and their L/R transposition...the bane of crappy localization everywhere.

Exhibit B: Alone or not...I'm going to do it!
Never stand in the way of a sexually frustrated superhero. It's just not worth it.

Exhibit C: [ugh] [ugh] [ugh] I...didn't know I could lose...
Of course this is a "lose" saying, when a character is defeated, but it sounds more like he's timid and clearing his throat to get his opponent's attention before making his dying statement.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“She is female, 23 years old...baaaad...”
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