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Audio Atrocities™ : Ghost Squad SEGA Wii 2007
This is a conversion of yet another SEGA light gun game from the arcades. It features the typical over-the-top terrorist/president kidnapping storyline and tons of over-acting to boot. But after years of relentless indoctrination by the SEGA Amusement light gun division, we're now brainwashed that it wouldn't be a SEGA light gun game without these elements, so fans kind of know what to expect.

This is B-grade acting at its best, and par for the course on these type games now. Our overlords have made us believe the cheesiness actually adds to the fun. A very enjoyable vocal trainwreck.

Exhibit A: Explosives have been 'tected ahead...
This may be some kind of cool insider shorthand that the Ghost Squad has developed, because shortened/nonsense words are also present here and here, too. Of course, it's probably just the result of a lazy, non-native speaking director that completely missed this. Baka gaijin all sound the same anyway, right?

Exhibit B: ...Report to me IMMEDIATELY.......when you RETURN!
Another quote from the Dr. Wiley school of unrehearsed reading, but this time it's crossed with a touch of Dr. Frankenfurter antici....pation at the finale of his delivery. The result is a disconnected emphasis between the front and back of the line, and that's just sad because it makes it funny, rather than dramatic.

Exhibit C: I am your COMMANDER...I'm going to explain some of the procedures of the GHOST SQUAD.
The way this guy is talking makes it sound like the Ghost Squad is some kind of super-secret induction program for the most self-reliant special olympics champions that need slow, firm directions and a good hug before they take out terrorists in their USA spandex. It just ain't right.

The Rest:
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“Explosives have been 'tected ahead...”
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