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Audio Atrocities™ : King of Fighters Maximum Impact SNK/Playmore Playstation 2 2004
King of Fighters is a fighting series that pulls characters from other popular SNK fighting games and allows fans to pit them against each other. That's cool. Maximum Impact is the point when the series went off the rails somewhat with a localization that was almost universally reviled, and actually called "piss poor" in one major review. That summation, however, was an insult to piss.

This is a really, really bad localization, with Atrocious acting and writing in spades. The story is also seriously lacking. It's all really dreadful to listen to in-game, but there are a few takes that are SO bad they become enjoyable. I've pulled some of those and put them here for your enjoyment. Waste a few minutes of office productivity or school study time with these, won't you?

Exhibit A: Ahhhh...help me...
One of the most unconvincing cries for help immortalized in bits and bytes since Last Alert. The game is full of really sad acting, especially in expressions like this, and this too, and...well, you get the picture.

Exhibit B: Leaving a luscious lady in a place like this...
Someone went a little crazy with the alliteration in this sentence. They should have worked harder on making dialogue that was actually interesting instead.

Exhibit C: No breaks for you...TERRY.
I have no idea why this is funny, but it just is. Maybe it's the attitude, or the plain name "Terry", or the sharp way it's ended - in any case, it's unintentionally very funny.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7, Clip 8, Clip 9, Clip 10, Clip 11, Clip 12, Clip 13, Clip 14, Clip 15, Clip 16

“No breaks for you...TERRY.”
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