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Audio Atrocities™ : Martian Gothic Unification Take 2 Playstation 2001
Resident Evil. It's been done to death, imitated in control, plot, graphics, and unintentionally, even crappy acting. Let me say right off the bat that there's a TON of dialogue in this PC port. Yeah, it's hard to do the volume of dialogue well, but if you can't do it right, don't do it at all. The only character authentically funny is the wisecracking Karne. The rest varied from passable to extremely lame.

Not much to say about the game proper except that if you've played Resident Evil, you've played this. Carbon copy, except for complicating the puzzle situation a *tiny* bit with vacuum tubes and multi-character solutions. Oh yeah...it's also not set on Earth. But if you're smart enough not to have been involved in the production of this game, you probably already figured that out.

Exhibit A: There's no way I'm using this until I find out wha...how it works.
Ah! The voice actor is obviously a student of the Dr. Wiley School of Unrehearsed Megaman line-reading. Sounds like he was going to say '...find out what it is.', but corrected himself midstream. And the director KEPT it!

Exhibit B: I'm getting very bad sensations from this...as if a cat had just licked my heart.
Huh? Cat licked his heart? Where do they come UP with these? Is there an Asian colloquialism that matches this? It's the fruitiest thing ever in English, but I'd pay a dollar to hear Karne say it for grins.

Exhibit C: So she vac-tubed the tag through in the last seconds of her life. One special lady!
No remorse. No grief. Just happy that the poor chick sent the piece the autistic selfish bastard needed to keep moving through the base. This is right up there with Winback's 'Way ta go, kid!'

The Rest:
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“I'm getting very bad sensations from this...as if a cat had just licked my heart.”
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