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Audio Atrocities™ : Over G Fighters Ubisoft/Taito XBOX 360 2006
This game is supposed to be a more simulator-like version of games like Ace Combat. Whether or not it succeeds on that front is open to debate, but one thing that is irrefutable is that the voice acting in this game sucks. Really badly.

The dubbing consists of voice overs from the base staff to the various pilots in the game, and a commander that gives you your mission assignments. The base staff is reasonably competent, but the pilots say the most ridiculous things and their actors deliver lines in the most painful manner possible. Add to that the abortion of an attempt at characterization by apparently making the fighter pilots multinational members of reader's theatre and you have a perfect Atrocious storm.

Exhibit A: You can't just phone this in...
It doesn't matter that this game is crappy. It doesn't matter that the director of this voiceover was short on time, money, sense, talent, or all of the above. All that matters is that this is one of the most unintentionally ironic lines ever spoken in a video game. Godly.

Exhibit B: ...he's now being treated in the infirmary for injuries occurred at the time of rescue.
No voice director worth his salt would have let this garbage production work get out of the studio. This is either bad grammar, bad reading, or both. It should be "injuries that occurred" or "injuries incurred". What ended up on tape was a sad display of palsied, half-assed motor skills and poor judgment.

Exhibit C: Those guys are wasting their great aircraft.
Speaking of wasted, how alcohol-impaired to you suppose this "actor" was when farting out likes like this in the microphone? The delivery of this and other lines in OverG Fighters makes me really curious as to whether this was the same person that voiced the emotionally dead guy in Martian Gothic Unification. It was bad there, and it's bad here as well!

The Rest:
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“You can't just phone this in...”
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