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Audio Atrocities™ : Psychic Force Acclaim/Taito Playstation 1997
Ah, Taito. What happened to you? With focus changing to the Densha De Go! series of subway train simulators around this time (yawn), and dubious alignments with quality-hungry publishers like Akklame, it's no wonder a game like this hit the streets in the US.

Psychic Force is a flying fighting game where everyone levitates and shoots crap out of highly trained orifices. Well...almost. Most of the crap is coming out of the mouths of the voice actors, who attempt to recite dialogue using accents, with painful to hilarious results.

Exhibit A: Don't play me the fool. My red-hot fire has no match!
It's always interesting to seel the world of hip urban US youth through the eyes of 90210 bred Japanese writer/translators. It must have seemed really cool to have the main character say this, but well...for us native speakers it's just a dork moment.

Exhibit B: ...vatch me as I make french-fries out of your face.
Well, at least the dialogue seems more bad-guy casual. Unfortunately, the voice actor can't decide if the person he's playing is English, German, or French, slipping into accents from each nationality in a single sentence. I didn't check, but maybe this is that wacky accent-slipping guy from Robot Alchemic Drive.

Exhibit C: I wonder if you will be so confident after a taste of my art.
This character slips dialogue accents in the game, but they weren't funny, just lame, so this clip was chosen instead. 'Taste of my art?' He's probably talking about his psychic skills, but I prefer to think he's the worlds foremost Asian fruit sculpture artist. David Carradine will play him in the movie.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6

“I wonder if you will be so confident after a taste of my art.”
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