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Audio Atrocities™ : Rumble Roses Konami Playstation 2 2004
Okay, so it's a little counterproductive to include a cheesecake game that doesn't aim higher than the groin, but even bottlerocket games should be held accountable for their misdeeds. Yes, the audio is as cheesy as the game, but the big problem is that it's right on the fence. Cheesier and it would have been a perfect fit with the game intent. Better-acted, and it would have been a better wrestling game. As it stands, it's neither, and therefore far less than the game it should be.

Of course, none of the above will matter to the male twelve-to-sixteen crowd who can make endless fantasy bouts with scantily-clad, and naked-looking (in mud wrestling mode) women. Stroke of genius, indeed.

Exhibit A: You're Reiko Hinamoto from Japan...
The crazy part of this clip is the chick from Japan doesn't even sound Asian...at all. Not even a little. Which would be far less obvious if the woman talking to her didn't sound completely Asian. Weird, uneven casting.

Exhibit B: Beat it! I don't want some crazy-ass nurse touchin' me!
This sample of back and forth conversation spanning several voice clips in a row shows the uneven nature of the acting. Most of it sounds read, and is par for the course in this game.

Exhibit C: Cowgirl has teats...more magnificent...than my sheep!
Did she really compare the other chick to...livestock? I'm all for sexual equality in colloquialisms, but "stacked like a sheep" doesn't have the same ring as "hung like a horse". The women out there will just have to try again.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“Cowgirl has teats...more magnificent...than my sheep!”
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