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Audio Atrocities™ : SEGA Bass Fishing Duel SEGA Playstation 2 2002
Another day, another poor SEGA localization. Of course, finding them is like shooting fish in a barrel, and...that analogy ties in quite nicely to the theme of today's offender. SEGA Bass Fishing Duel is another half-baked lineup-filler localization...this time of their arcade fishing games. It's actually a mildly amusing time-killer, but what little voice acting there is in the game is uniformly awful.

Exhibit A: C'mon! C'mon! Try it again!
What the heck is this? In the middle of a fishing game there's a Japanese guy doing Edward G Robinson? Of course it can only be one thing...another poorly-localized SEGA game. If it was broadcast, this would be a TiVo moment for the DVR savvy, but since it wasn't you had to wait until now to be able to revel in its atrociousness.

Exhibit B: Be cahfool with the tenshion!
Another student of the Dr. Wiley school of Megaman line-reading, but this time with a mouthful of marbles. A prime example of how all-over-the-place the localization of this game is.

Exhibit C: Crappy!
Frenchmen are certain to be offended at the Last Alert treatment this poor fish received, being that its name originated in the home of the modern necktie. Of course, it would be stingy to withhold the correct pronounciation of crappie fish - so there you are. Seems like they might have been able to do that when the game was in production. You can bet if they got a script that said unchi fish they would have double-checked it.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“Be cahfool with the tenshion!”
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