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Audio Atrocities™ : Silent Scope 2 Konami Playstation 2 2001
Another day, another shooting game with bad acting. Silent Scope:Dark Silhouette doesn't really do anything different than a Time Crisis or House of the Dead. The formula of thin story + violence + bad acting is present and accounted for.

Exhibit A: Is he a freelance sniper?
Freelance...sniper? Um, wouldn't that fall under the broad umbrella of mercenary?

Exhibit B: We're gonna nail them in one stroke.
Funny story. Not too long ago, there was a Japanese company that wanted to market an internet-centric computer in the US. They had every base covered, even licensing Woody Woodpecker as their cute mascot. But, they forgot to market test the name of the product. It was to be called the Internet Pecker. Yep. Pecker. Fortunately, they were saved from making a huge faux pas at literally the last minute, and the product was pulled, never to see the light of day in the US. Moral? Seemingly simple phrases can have unintended sexual over or undertones in English. Like, uh...this one. Nail. One stroke. Priceless.

Exhibit C: The last shot really hurt, even if it was a paint bullet, partner.
Well yee haw! Ya shoulda saw that one a comin' Tex!

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
Clip 4, Clip 5

“We're gonna nail them in one stroke.”
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