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Audio Atrocities™ : Star Ocean:Second Story Sony/Enix Playstation 2000
Battle cries are tough to do right. I know that. Most RPG fans know that. Battle is the thing you do most often during most RPGs, so if the battle cries and dialogue sucks, it's REALLY painful. This game is painful for that reason.

The game itself is pretty good, but the miscast characters, crappy dialogue, and terrible battle cries really drag it down. Some of it is laughable, but most of it is just annoying. Here, see for yourselves...

Exhibit A: I will warm you up to your bones
I'm pretty sure he means to make that sound like a bad thing, but it sounds more like an inviting toasty warmup after a chilly night skiing.

Exhibit B: The bleeding won't stop...
She got that right. My ears are still bleeding after sorting through all this crappy acting.

Exhibit C: Open the gate to the realm of the dead with my liiiife!
Hey, if that's all it takes to get the pain of this dialogue to stop, I'm so there.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7, Clip 8, Clip 9, Clip 10, Clip 11, Clip 12, Clip 13 Clip 14 Clip 15

“The bleeding won't stop...”
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