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Audio Atrocities™ : Vampire Night Namco Playstation 2 2001
Namco and SEGA teamed up to crank out this light gun game that carries on the tradition of cool visuals, great action, and terrible voice work. Absolute, bottom-of-the-barrel, no-clue acting is packed wall to wall here. In fact, there's so much bad dialogue and acting, I had a hard time choosing. It was like a hyped-up video game equivalent of Sophie's Choice, but instead of two kids, I had to choose just three clips from fifteen almost equally bad examples. But unlike Sophie's Choice, the twelve I didn't pick are still around for you to sample. Be sure to sample them all, you won't believe a game shipped to retail with acting like this.

Exhibit A: Don't come...don't come!
Okay, I'm starting to think this has become some kind of sick tradition at SEGA. Another SEGA light-gun game with this quote, and this time by a girl that's definitely not legal! Someone ring them up and let them in on the secret that Stay away! is a much safer and non-double-entendre laden translation than Don't Come in English?

Exhibit B: Suc...cess!
Bad inflection made me think this was going to say something else the first time I heard it. Now it just cracks me up. Suck what? Cess!

Exhibit C: ...I can't sleep without Molly.
Really, really, REALLY bad impression of a small girl by a grown woman. Stupid line, terrible delivery, strange accent. Just another day in the studios at SEGA.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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