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Audio Atrocities™ : Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner Konami Playstation 2 2003
At last, one of the most-requested examples of bad acting has made its Atrocious debut.

Zone of the Enders is pretty much a classic example of really, really bad writing and unfortunate phrasing/delivery by actors coming together to create the perfect storm of...imperfection. My blame for this one goes to the director. Kojima, we know you can make sure at least Metal Gear level voice acting is achieved. What happened here?

Exhibit A: I'm coming...g...g...g...g...g!
Here we are again. It's the lightgun-favorite "Don't come!" repackaged, and this time with decaying echo! Yeah baby, yeah! Note to Japanese company localization staff (I know you're reading this, I see your IPs in the logs!) PLEASE stop referencing the word "come" in simple sentences. It usually comes out badly in English. Oh, and as long as we're walking that particular trail, this is hilarious, as is this, oh, and don't forget this! But it's not the kind of hilarious you want to do on purpose. We're laughing at the lame production staff that let things like this into the game. Stop doing it.

Exhibit B: Damn, I lost my comrades again.
It's not so much that this is a stupid line, but that it's delivered in such a casual manner. I personally don't think he liked that particular "comrade" much.

Exhibit C: Rick, stay alive!
Well, the intensity is certainly present and accounted for this time around, and there's even a name for this comrade, but it's just not something a native speaker would say.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
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“I'm coming...g...g...g...g...g!”
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