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Audio Atrocities™
Welcome to Audio Atrocities! This site is intended to be a constantly growing and changing museum for the study and enjoyment of truly terrible video game voice acting in video games from the very first CD system, the Turbografx until the present day.

You'd think that in the more than 25 years since the first video game with full audio dialogue was created, bad game dubs and acting would have been wiped out, but hey, the movies have been around a LOT longer and there's still plenty of bad movies. We're pretty much assured of more specimens for our museum here for a long time to come. So, sit back and click 'dat button to start your journey through the gloriously and gruesomely awful.


King of Fighters Maximum Impact Blue Stinger Ghost Squad Enchanted Arms

Worst 5
#1 Last Alert
Turbografx-CD 1990
Last Alert

#2 Deep Fear
Saturn 1998
Deep Fear

#3 Resident Evil
Playstation 1997
Resident Evil

#4 Cas. Shikigami 2
Playstation 2 2004
Castle Shikigami 2

#5 Chaos Wars
Playstation 2 2008
Chaos Wars

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